Unity! Only way to survive

Let's fight to liberate not to enslave

And I was speechless when that angel asked me a heartbreaking question ” Uncle why the world is testing their weapons on us?

” Maybe money is more precious to the world than angles like you” I replied with tears.

Two weeks ago I was in Afghanistan with a Humanitarian group in Spin boldak, we were on a visit to a village to help people there. I was referred by locals towards a 14 years old girl whose family was killed in ANA Airstrike a few years ago and she was leaving with her Aunty since then.

She was almost crying when I asked her if she is missing her family or not, Her Tears were like a dagger in my heart. She Said ” why the world is testing its weapons on us, Are we some kind of Robots?

I was out of words and that Angle left me unanswered!. I wish I could her pain but it was not that easy and I left her home with heavy Tears.

Now let me ask the same question from world leaders who are using Afghanistan as a test field. Do you have the courage to face that innocent angel whose family was killed because of your policies?

it’s not that much late, We still have time to invest in Humanity Rather than investing in wars, Let’s unite our People in the name of Humanity, let’s stop killing innocents in the name of Territory expanding. let’s use this technology for the betterness of humanity. Let’s not make Robots out of our men in boots, Let’s stop destabilizing each other, Lets bring the smile back in the world.

Let’s fight to liberate the world from the Occupation of weapon sellers.

Let’s unite the world on the Humanity.

Ali Haider

Covering Defence and Politics. Writing On Pakistan, WOT, France, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

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