Official Results Say! PTI Wins 25 Seats in Kashmir Election 2021

On the remaining four seats, the election will be held again and the schedule will be issued again for these seats.

The elections were held in Azad Jammu & Kashmir on Monday where PTI has won 25 seats. It’s a brilliant success of PTI in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The chief election commissioner AJK Abdul Rashid Suhlaria made an official announcement and stated that 25 seats are won by PTI. It shows the popularity of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf in AJK. While talking to a press conference in Muzaffarabad the chief election commissioner assured that the process of election was completely transparent and clean. Nobody tried to use unfair means to get success.

He further kept on saying that the turnout of the elections in Azad Jammu & Kashmir remained 62% and no written complaint has been reported against any candidate. According to the official results, PTI won 25 seats in AJK elections, Pakistan People’s Party won 11 seats, PML-N got 6 seats and Muslim Conference got 1 seat, and Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party also got one seat. In this way, PTI won the battle with heavy votes. He also stated that on four seats, the election will be held again and the election commission will issue the schedule of these seats later.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has shown his gratitude to the public in Azad Jammu Kashmir to keep faith in PTI.

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