46 Afghan Army Officers Request for Refuge in Pakistan: ISPR Representative

ISPR declares that 46 Afghan troopers along with 5 military officers requested Pakistan for a refuge and safe passage.

Rawalpindi: ISPR stated that Afghan National Army’s Local Command along with 46 troopers requested to Pakistan for refuge. They were unable to hold military posts on the Pak-Afghan border. The troopers also include five military officers. According to the statement of ISPR, they want a refuge because they could not hold the military posts due to the uncertain security condition in their country.

Before granting them permission, the Pakistan army verified the information and facts from Afghan authorities to complete the formalities. The ISPR further stated that last night, the troopers with military officers arrived at Arundu Sector, Chitral. They were provided the necessary food, shelter, and medical aid according to the set norms of the military.

The media wing of the army further declared that once the process of returning soldiers start, the officers and these soldiers will be returned to their authorities in a dignified way. There will be no disgrace or humiliation for any of them according to the military norms.

It is worth mentioning that on July 1, 35 military soldiers from Afghanistan took refuge in Pakistan and they requested a safe passage because they were unable to hold their military posts at the Pak-Afghan border. Resultantly, the Pakistan army provided them with the necessary aid, food, and shelter and handed them over to the Afghan government after completing the formal process.

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