Saudi Arabia Warns Travelers of Red List Countries for 3 Year Travel Ban

The Saudi government has directed its citizens to avoid flying to and through Red List countries where Coronavirus is at its peak.

The govt. of Saudi Arabia has warned travelers that a 3-year ban will be imposed on them if they are traveling such countries that have a high rate of Coronavirus. According to the news, Saudi Arabia has set travel regulations for citizens. Some citizens have violated these regulations and traveled abroad to the red list countries where the Coronavirus is at a high level. The red list countries include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Argentina, India, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Lebanon, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Now, the Ministry of Interior has strictly warned the citizens to avoid traveling to or through the red list countries. If they violate the traveling rules and regulations, their traveling will be banned for three years. The official from the ministry of interior states that the government is stressing their citizens to follow the traveling rules strictly. It is for their safety from the pandemic that is surrounding this Gulf state rapidly.

As the official statistics have shown that currently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consists of 30 million people. On Tuesday, the official records show 1,379 new cases of Corona affection. So far the total number of Corona cases is 520,774 and the total number of deaths is 8,189. A clear fall in the Corona cases had been noticed in June 2020. However, again a rise in Coronavirus is noticed currently. Due to this rise, the Ministry of Interior has issued a warning to the citizens.

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