UAE Govt. Offers Golden Visas to the Doctors Residing in the UAE

The doctors residing in the UAE can apply for Golden Visa to brighten their fortune for the next ten years.

DUBAI: UAE government has offered an appealing career for doctors in the form of a golden visa. It is because they are the frontline heroes in the war against Coronavirus. The government wants to recognize their sacrifices and struggle against this deadly virus.

A doctor with a golden visa will accompany his family with 10 years residence permit in the UAE. The government has issued a website where Dubai-resident doctors can apply for golden visas. The government will receive the applications from July 2021 to September 2022 through this website. The government officials will receive the applications and evaluate the information provided in the applications before issuing the golden visa. Only the doctors who qualify will be awarded the golden visa.

The government is going to set seven offices that will be affiliated with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. The doctors who want to apply in person can visit these offices to apply for a golden visa. The Government has also announced the issuance of golden visas for coders by launching the “National Programme for Coders.” It has been initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the visa will be awarded to the residents and non-resident coders. According to the report, His Highness will issue 100,000 golden visas for coders.

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

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