Wildfire in Southern Coast Turkey: Death Toll Rises on the Fifth Day

Wildfire in Turkey couldn't be extinguished and five more people lost their life while struggling against it.

ISTANBUL: The wildfire in the southern coastal area in Manavgat, Turkey could not be extinguished so far. Two more people died due to suffocation and fire. 10 burn victims are still admitted to the hospital to receive treatment.

According to Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli, the wildfire consists of 100+ blazes and it has erupted in Manavgat, Marmaris, and Milas in Turkey. The residential areas and hotels have been evacuated for the safety of people. Not only the emergency vehicles but also boats were used to evacuate the danger zone. Currently, the situation is quite worsening and the flames are reaching the sky.

The footage shows the fire is still out of control and can be seen from miles away. The main reason for the rapid spread of fire in the wildlife area can be the wind direction. According to the Forestry Minister, the department along with other rescue departments is trying to extinguish the fire and while struggling against it, five more people have lost their lives.

The Forestry Minister also states that currently, 45 helicopters, drones, 13 airplanes, and 828 fire brigade vehicles are trying to extinguish the wildfire. Three fire-fighting planes from the EU are ready to help Turkey once the latter seeks help from the European Union. Remember, Turkey is not an EU member.

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

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