Falcon Auction: The Most Expensive Falcon Sold in $70,000 in Riyadh

In the falcon auction, a rare falcon is sold in 270,000 Saudi Riyals that is $70,000.

According to the report of Saudi Gazette, a falcon is sold at a high price on the second night of the International Falcon Breeders Auction. This falcon is considered the most expensive falcon that was bred by Saudi breeders. It was bred at Al-Aradi Farm and weighs 1105 grams. The appearance of the falcon is mind-blowing as it is 17.5” long and 16.3” wide.

Saudi falconer, Moteb Munir Al-Ayafi who bought this beautiful bird has called it Raghwan. The owner says that he will participate with this falcon in the “Falcon Beauty Pageant” to get a cash prize of 300,000 Saudi Riyals.

Al-Ayafi has inherited the profession in falconry from his family. In the past, he has won horse beauty contests. He further states that he will in the future participate in the fourth edition of the King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival that is considered the largest event of Falcon Auction.

Saudi Falconer Club announced the schedule for upcoming events. According to the report, the last event of the Abdulaziz Falconry Festival is the 4th edition of the series. It has set two Guinness World Records on the basis of the number of falcons participated in it.

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

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