Earth’s Axis Tilted 84 Million Years Ago, May Happen Again

A tilt, similar to that happened 84 years ago is currently underway on earth.

Our home, earth, tilted on its axis about 12 degrees some 84 million years ago. It was the time when the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Scientists claimed that the earth would continue to tilt on its axis from time to time. A theory called “True Polar Wander” (TPW) could help explain the appearance of the earth’s tilt. This theory mentions that the mantle and the earth’s crust keep going back and forth into the liquid metal core.

A tilt, similar to that happened 84 years ago is currently underway on earth. Scientists believe that it is caused as a direct consequence of climate change. A study conducted by geologists in April found that climate change can be the major reason behind it and when the earth undergoes a tilt.

Our Earth’s not stable

Our earth is composed of metal and liquids. The outer core is liquid, and the inner core is metal. Outside this, there is the mantle, and the crust sits on top of it. The crust is the surface of the earth.

It spins around its axis daily. It is an imaginary line known as the spin axis.

The crust is spread across continents in the shape of tectonic plates. These tectonic plates can move. The movement of tectonic plates causes earthquakes and tsunamis.

These observations represent the biggest challenge to the notion that the earth’s axis has been stable for over 100 million years. In a paper published in Nature Communications this year, scientists explained this phenomenon in a great deal and using facts and figures.

No one believed scientists when they first said that the earth is round and revolves around its axis and the sun. Let’s see what happens this time!

Earth’s Cosmic Yo-Yo

Scientists believe that whenever the earth tilts, it also snaps back to its old position quickly. They refer to it as Cosmic Yo-Yo. You can also understand this as a back and forth dance.

Earth’s Cosmic Yo-Yo

Humans may not notice the momentary tilts, but scientific evidence proves it.

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