Facebook Goes Meta: From Now On We’ll Be The “Metaverse First”

Facebook is changing its name to ‘Meta’. This change was announced by Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday morning in an email sent to the company’s employees. The email went on to say that “From now on we’re going to be the Metaverse first, not Facebook first.” What does this mean? Well, it means that instead of being focused primarily on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they are focusing more so on virtual reality-based technologies like Oculus Rift and Spaces.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will be changing its corporate name to Meta, following CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for an “Metaverse” which was first revealed in recent weeks. The new project aims at investing billions of dollars into next-generation computing and virtual reality technologies over time with the hopes that these advancements can allow users all around world access without needing any internet connection whatsoever.”

The move comes as Facebook is currently being bombarded with negative press. The company has been scrutinized for its business practices, often described in an array of articles across different news outlets that range from Wall Street Journal’s initial series on the leaked documents to other blogs reporting about information found within them or not disclosed by Haugen at all when she released her data set publicly last week via WikiLeaks—a group dedicated towards transparency according to their website so there should be no discrepancies between what they post online versus how things are.

At Facebook’s Connect event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company’s popular social media platform would be known as “Facebook.”

The world had become accustomed to seeing “Facebook” in its various forms but now it is officially changing everything from its logo on our profile pictures and messages across all platforms like Instagram or Whatsapp! The new moniker has been speculated for some time; many people assumed they would abandon this long-standing trademark when launching Messenger last year – instead what we got was an app called Facebook messenger which while still associated with the same organization (though no relation legally speaking), means different things psychologically if you’re trying just use one term.”

At Facebook’s annual conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wants to make the company into a metaverse. “From now on we’re going be about connecting people rather than advertising,” said Mr. Zuckerberg during his keynote speech—and it seems like this year was no exception as events progressed throughout F8 2017. The term ‘metaverse’ has been used many times about social media and online communities: one definition given by Google defines these virtual realities as ‘online life-environments characterized by complex interactions between users.’ But what does anyone really know? There is so much data coming at us every day; how do you decide where the facts end and fiction begins.

The newly formed company, Meta will be the holding firm for Facebook apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp. The names of these popular social media platforms have not changed alongside Google when they transformed into Alphabet in 2015-2016

The transformation comes at a time where big tech companies are under pressure to shake up their stale image following numerous privacy scandals which eroded consumer trust towards them even more so than before this change was made by CEO Sundar Pichai last week during his annual conference call with analysts.

Facebook has announced that they will be investing $10 billion in AR and VR this year through their Facebook Reality Labs. Metaverse is a project led by the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who introduced it over summer with plans for an augmented reality platform which was lauded as “cool” but what exactly does it entail? The metaverse concept comes from combining ‘internet’ or global consciousnesses along with realities outside our current understanding of physics – one can imagine these being anything from alternate selves on other planets to finding out more about yourself while traveling back through time!

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