Another Hike in Petrol and Diesel Prices by Rs 2 and Rs 3 respectively

Petrol prices increased by Rs 2.99, kerosene by Rs 10.92, high-speed diesel by Rs 2.99 and light-speed diesel has been increased by Rs 9.79. The new prices will be effective from September 01, 2022.

The government on Wednesday once again increased the price of all petroleum products. After considering OGRA’s summary, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif approved the increase in petroleum prices. The finance ministry said that the government increased petroleum prices due to the change in international prices and the exchange rate’s fluctuations.

Following the increase in prices, the new petrol price is Rs.235.98 per litre, diesel price is Rs.247.43 per litre, kerosene price is Rs.210.32 per litre while light speed diesel price is Rs.201.54 per litre. The new prices will remain in place till September 15, as per resources.

Economist Mazal Aslam said that oil became cheaper in the global market but Government did not give relief to the people. The Ministry of Finance has issued a notification of new prices of petroleum products that will be applied from September 1.

Product Existing Prices New Prices Change
w.e.f 16-08-2022 w.e.f 01-09-2022
MS (Petrol) 233.91 235.98 2.07
High-Speed Diesel (HSD) 244.44 247.43 2.99
Kerosene (SKO) 199.4 210.32 10.92
Light Diesel Oil 191.75 201.54 9.79

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