Prices of various Items Increased at Utility Stores

Rameen Maqsood

Utility stores

September 02, 2022: A notification has been issued to increase the prices of essential commodities of various brands at utility stores.

According to the notification, the price of 900 grams of tea has increased by Rs. 400. The price of 900 grams of tea increased from Rs 905 to Rs 1305. The Whitener prices have increased by Rs.100.

Prices of porridge, cereal, noodles, needles, and salt were also increased at utility stores. The price of an 800-gram packet of baby milk has increased by Rs.260. 50 grams of various spices have increased by Rs.50.

The price of 100 grams of red chilies is 84 rupees, while the price of 100 hot spices has increased to 42 rupees. Prices of many items including custard, black pepper, fenugreek, jam, and drinks have also increased. A 100-gram bottle of honey has become expensive by Rs 100, while a kg pickle pack has become expensive by Rs 57.

According to the spokesman of Utility Stores, the quality of the items available at Utility Stores is the highest and the prices are the lowest. To improve demand and supply at all stores across the country, some brands have increased the prices of their goods.

The spokesman further said that subsidized ghee is available at all utility stores at Rs 300 per kg, sugar at Rs 70 per kg. A 20 kg bag of flour is available in abundance at Rs 800. A subsidy is also being given on pulses and rice. Apart from this, hundreds of other branded items available at utility stores are also being offered at lower prices than the general market.

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