Water Continues to Overflow in Manchhar Lake: Two More Breaches Expected

Sehwan: Despite cutting the Manchhar Lake, the water level is still high leading to more cuts at two different points of the lake. The water level in the lake has been recorded at 25 feet.

The city administration has decided to make two more cracks in the embankment of Manchhar Lake as the water level has not receded due to continuous floods from Balochistan.

It should be remembered that due to the rising water level in Manchhar Lake, there was a risk of the dam breaking and in case of the dam breaking, there was a fear of submerging 5 union councils of Sehwan.

A deck has already collapsed at the RD-14 point near Bagh Yusuf due to increasing water pressure. Authorities in flood-hit Pakistan breached the country’s largest freshwater lake on Sunday, displacing 100,000 people from their homes but flooding more densely populated areas, a minister said.

Record monsoon rains and melting glaciers have flooded Pakistan’s northern mountains, affecting 33 million people and killing at least 1,290 people, including 453 children. Due to climate changes, floods are still happening.

Manchhar Lake, Pakistan’s largest freshwater lake had already reached dangerous levels. Irrigation Minister Jam Khan Shoro said that the increasing pressure is threatening the surrounding areas of Sindh.

Sources said that at RD-55 and RD-80 points, the embankment may be breached as there is continuous overflow from various points of Manchhar Lake.

Authorities had already ordered residents of nearby areas to move to safer areas in the five union councils of Sehwan due to the increased risk of embankments breaking amid flooding.

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