Wheat Crisis Unfolding in Punjab Province due to Floods

05 September 2022: Wheat and Flour crisis has emerged in Punjab province after floods caused damage to crops due to heavy monsoon rains in the country.

0.3 million tonnes of wheat worth billion of rupees have been destroyed in the Fazilpur and Rajanpur districts of Punjab due to the devastating floods. People affected by the flood don’t have the resources to rebuild their farms and get ready to work.

As per reports, Punjab Food Department has requested the federal government to allow the import of 10 million tonnes of wheat as the wheat quota was 16,700 tonnes per day while the demand has increased to 25,000 tonnes per day. Sources claimed that if the government does not allow the import of wheat, the province may face famine in December.

The flour prices in many areas of Pakistan including Punjab have also increased. However, the Chairman Flour Mills Association has demanded the federal government to increase the wheat quota for Punjab on account of the prevailing shortage.

Syed Hassan Shah

Social activist and junior reporter at thepost e-newspaper.

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