Farmers protesting in Islamabad “will not end their protest until the fulfillment of demands”

Thousands of farmers from all around the country have come to the federal capital to protest and say that they will not end their protest until Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif accepts all their demands.

These farmers are currently protesting on Jinnah Avenue however they are planning to move towards D chowk and sit in front of the Parliament House. According to the police, some of the protestors are also carrying firearms, so they cannot be allowed to enter the sensitive area.

According to the Chairman of Kisan Ittihad, their demands include the end of black marketing of fertilizer, supply of fertilizer and seeds, and relief in fertilizer and electricity prices.

The protest started on Tuesday 27 September 2022 when the protestants entered Islamabad via Grand Trunk Road. However, the administration and concerned authorities have made many attempts but the negotiations have not yet been possible.

The protestors said that the difficulties of farmers are increasing day by day due to their demands not being accepted. However, they are demanding to immediately remove additional taxes from electricity bills. Actions should also be taken against those who are selling fertilizers in the black market.

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