Federal Government Announces Rs 12.63 Reduction in Petrol Prices

September 30, 2022: While holding a press conference in Islamabad, Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while holding a press conference in Islamabad said that the price of petrol has been reduced by Rs 12.63/liter.

The Federal Finance Minister said that the price of petrol will decrease from 237.43 to 224.80 rupees, the price of diesel will decrease from 247.43 to 235.30 rupees, kerosene will decrease from 202.02 rupees to 191.83 rupees and light diesel will decrease from 197.28 to 186.50 rupees. He further said that the new prices of petroleum products will be applied from 12 pm today for the next 15 days.

The price of kerosene oil has been reduced by Rs. 10.19 per liter, diesel price by Rs. 12.13 per liter, and the price of light diesel has decreased by Rs. 10.78 per liter. The levy on petrol has been fixed at Rs 32.42 per liter and the levy on diesel at Rs 12.58 per liter. However, the levy on kerosene has been kept at Rs 15 per liter, and the levy on light diesel oil at Rs 10 per liter. The government has not imposed any sales tax on petrol, diesel, kerosene, and light diesel oil.

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