Islamabad High Court Accepts Imran Khan’s apology, Dismisses Contempt of Court Case

On Monday, 03 September 2022, Islamabad High court dismissed the contempt of court case against Imran Khan. A five-member panel headed by Chief Justice Athar Minullah heard the case and said that it is a unanimous decision of the bench.

The larger bench of IHC includes Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb, and Justice Babar Sattar.

Justice Athar Manullah said that it was contempt of court in the view of the defendant, however, they are ending the contempt of court proceedings against Imran Khan as he has apologized to the female judge.  The Islamabad High Court has said that it is satisfied with Imran Khan’s behavior and his apology is accepted.

During the last hearing, Imran Khan had assured the Islamabad High Court that he would apologize for the statement regarding the female Additional Sessions Judge. He also went to court, a few days ago, to apologize to female judge Zeba Chaudhry but she was not there at that time.

Addressing his reader, Imran Khan said ‘Tell the judge that Imran Khan came to apologize if my words hurt her.’ Imran Khan has also assured the court to avoid such statements in the future.

On the occasion of the hearing of the contempt of court case against Imran Khan, strict security arrangements were made.

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