Mia Khalifa Takes a Stand on Israel-Palestine Issue While Malala Stays Silent

Aamash Arslan

In the midst of recent conflicts, Mia Khalifa has taken a strong stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, using her platform to highlight the suffering of Palestinians. She firmly asserts that supporting Palestine is being on the right side of history. Khalifa’s message is crystal clear: failing to support Palestinians in their struggle means standing on the wrong side of history.

Through a video shared on the social networking site X, Khalifa has emphasized this point further. She shared images from recent attacks, reinforcing her message that fighting for land that doesn’t belong to you is unjustifiable.

Khalifa doesn’t stop there; she also sheds light on the challenging circumstances faced by Palestinian refugees, particularly the young population. To her, the situation is nothing short of a genocide unfolding before the world’s eyes.

In stark contrast, Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace laureate of Pakistani origin, has chosen to remain silent on the Israel-Palestine issue. This silence has not gone unnoticed, drawing criticism from social media users who draw parallels with Mia Khalifa’s outspoken advocacy.

Disappointment has been expressed by one user over Malala’s silence on the brutality in Palestine, while others have praised Mia Khalifa for her unwavering support for the cause. Some even suggest that Malala should use her platform to condemn the violence and show solidarity with girls’ education, akin to her advocacy for girls’ rights.

Currently, Mia Khalifa continues to vocalize her stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, while Malala Yousafzai has yet to address the matter, leaving many questioning her position on this pressing global issue.

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