Gaza’s Power Plant Shuts Down as Israel Prepares for Expected Ground Invasion

The Gaza Strip’s electricity authority announced on Wednesday that the sole power plant in the Palestinian enclave, under heavy Israeli bombardment and siege, ceased operations due to a lack of fuel.

Jalal Ismail, the head of the authority, confirmed that “The only power plant in the Gaza Strip stopped functioning at 2 pm (1100 GMT),” following earlier warnings of fuel shortages.

Al Jazeera was informed by the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees that it possessed less than two weeks’ worth of food and water supplies to aid over 180,000 Palestinians who sought refuge in Gaza’s schools.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Gaza’s health ministry reported over 1,055 Palestinians killed and 5,184 injured since Saturday’s surprise attack. Israel’s military, in contrast, claimed a death toll of 1,200 and over 2,700 wounded, adding that approximately 1,500 fighters’ bodies were found.

Israel announced that it had regained control of border areas from the Palestinian group Hamas.

Amid expectations of an Israeli ground incursion into Gaza, international NGOs raised concerns over the deteriorating health and humanitarian conditions in the region.

Deadly airstrikes continued to escalate the conflict, affecting Palestinian civilians, while Israel faced rocket attacks in cities like Jerusalem.

The situation in Gaza worsened as over 260,000 people were displaced from their homes due to ongoing Israeli bombardments from the air, land, and sea.

European Union foreign ministers urged Israel not to cut essential supplies, underscoring that sieges were prohibited under international humanitarian law.

Hamas fighters vowed to retaliate, further complicating the already chaotic situation in the conflict zone.

Many Western nations and others reported their citizens killed, abducted, or missing, leaving the world taken by surprise and prompting a variety of responses from global leaders.

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