Pakistan Strengthens Cybersecurity with New CERT Rules

The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication (MoITT) in Islamabad has taken a significant step in enhancing the safeguarding of government data against cyber threats with the introduction of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Rules 2023.

In a message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Dr. Umar Saif, the IT Minister, emphasized the critical need to protect Pakistan’s cyberspace from potential cyberattacks. He expressed, “Today marks the inception of the National CERT for Pakistan, a pivotal component of our defense against cyber threats.”

Dr. Umar Saif underscored the significance of a coordinated approach, which will establish a robust defense mechanism against cyber threats. As part of these new rules, a national security operations center will be established to ensure the practical implementation of these regulations.

Under the CERT Rules, both National and Sectoral-level CERTs will be established, with teams assigned the responsibility of monitoring and safeguarding Pakistan’s cyberspace round the clock, including holidays.

The Ministry of IT will fund one National CERT, which will closely coordinate with various Sectoral CERT teams, offering timely assistance as required. The primary role of the National CERT will be to facilitate coordination between different CERTs in responding to threats or attacks on systems, critical infrastructure data, or widespread information system attacks in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Government CERT, responsible for cybersecurity across federal and provincial public sectors, includes federal and provincial government CERTs. It acts as a coordinator between the national and sectoral CERTs, ensuring regular information sharing and feedback to the National CERT.

In addition to these developments, there will be a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) CERT responsible for overseeing and coordinating activities between the National CERT and Sectoral CERTs. Sectoral CERTs will encompass government and regulatory authorities, with local government CERTs falling under their respective provincial CERTs.

These CERTs will be established in alignment with the rules’ outlined composition, reinforcing Pakistan’s cybersecurity framework.

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