Minister of Human Rights Supports PM Kakar’s Statement on 50 Missing Persons in Balochistan

Caretaker Human Rights Minister Khalil George has supported Interim Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar’s assertion that approximately 50 individuals have been forcibly disappeared in Balochistan.

In an interview on Dawn News’ program ‘Doosra Rukh,’ George affirmed the Prime Minister’s statement, emphasizing that his opinion aligns with that of the Prime Minister, as they both serve in the same cabinet, and the Prime Minister possesses more in-depth knowledge of the matter.

George also noted that a commission was established to address the missing persons issue, with the participation of a party leader from Balochistan.

In response to a query about his satisfaction with the commission’s performance, George clarified that he had assumed office only two months ago and had not yet received comprehensive reports on the matter.

When asked about journalist Mudassir Naru, who disappeared in 2020, George pointed out that the caretaker government’s primary responsibility is overseeing general elections, and the authority to legislate on such matters lies with the democratically elected governments.

The Peshawar High Court recently directed the federal and provincial governments to furnish information on cases of “missing persons,” acknowledging the protracted nature of these disappearances and their adverse impact on Pakistan’s reputation.

The Islamabad High Court has enlisted the support of the Attorney General for Pakistan in addressing these issues, proposing a meeting with the caretaker Prime Minister to tackle the matter.

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